King Solomon wrote, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Eccl. 3:1). This is a season of change at Israel My Glory. With the retirement last year of Elwood McQuaid and Rennie Showers, we said goodbye to two men whom God used to shape this magazine and communicate biblical truth to millions of people around the world for almost 30 years.

We also say goodbye to Craig Parshall, an extremely busy attorney and New York Times bestselling author whose column, “A More Perfect Union,” has kept us abreast of how government decisions affect Bible-believing Christians in America. To watch a brief and encouraging clip of Craig discussing his newest novel, The Occupied, go to You won’t be disappointed. I’ve read many of Craig’s books and recommend them highly.

So what does God have in store for us in this new season? I believe He has many good things on the horizon. First, we’ve added a new columnist, someone you’re all familiar with: Randall Price. Dr. Price has championed this ministry since he and Elwood became friends in the 1970s, and we are privileged that he is making time for us in his busy schedule. The founder and president of World of the Bible Ministries (, Randall is a renowned archaeologist, university professor, author of 30 books, and producer of five films. He also has taken more than 100 trips to Israel. His column, “Unearthing Truth With Randall Price,” is sure to become a blessing to you.

We’ve also added Clarence Johnson to our regular roster, with a feature titled “Faith for Living.” Clarence is the director of The Friends of Israel Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) and is planning to make study helps for his articles available to you free of charge on the IJS website. Go to for more information.

You’re also in for a special treat. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Israel My Glory, and we plan to run vintage articles by Victor Buksbazen, the first editor of the magazine and first executive director of The Friends of Israel. You’ll read his beautiful piece on Jacob in this issue, which focuses on the life journey of the patriarch whom God renamed Israel.

Dr. Buksbazen’s articles will transport you to another era and, hopefully, encourage you to give thanks for all the Lord has done through Israel My Glory and the ministry of The Friends of Israel. May the Lord bless you in this season of life and strengthen you to serve Him in 2017.

Waiting for His Appearing,
Lorna Simcox