Every Wednesday, we have chapel at The Friends of Israel headquarters. It’s a wonderful time when we pray together, hear a brief message, and sometimes connect via Skype with one of our workers overseas who tells us what God is doing in that country.

A few weeks ago Mitch Triestman spoke. Mitch, who lives in Pennsylvania, is a longtime worker with The Friends of Israel. He began his devotional with a story about a trip he and his wife, Jackie (now with the Lord), took to South Carolina. Through a series of what seemed to be random, inconsequential decisions at the time, they ended up at a certain restaurant en route.

Before long, they learned the manager was a believer. When the manager learned Mitch was a preacher, he opened a banquet hall, went out to the parking lot, and began inviting people to hear Mitch speak. So Mitch preached, and Jackie signed up people to receive Israel My Glory.

Sometime later, Mitch was driving to a speaking engagement and had to stop for a train, a delay that frustrated him because he thought it might make him late.

His point? Why do we forget the great things God does for us? God had performed a marvelous miracle at the restaurant. Why would He not help Mitch get to the meeting on time? The same God is still in charge. And He is faithful.

I borrow Mitch’s illustration because it fits so well with this issue of Israel My Glory about the Israelites’ experiences recorded in the book of Numbers. They had witnessed many miracles en route to the Promised Land, including the parting of the Red Sea, so they could go through on dry land. Yet it seems that between miracles, they forgot God’s faithfulness and goodness to them, complained, and failed to trust in Him.

Unfortunately, we all have the tendency to forget what great things God has done for us, and we complain about the next hurdle to overcome. How wonderful it would be simply to rest in Him and trust Him fully with absolutely everything.

To quote my friend Dr. Richard Emmons, “Faith is taking God at His Word, regardless of the circumstances. Faith unlocks the door to the impossible.”

I hope this issue of Israel My Glory is an encouragement and reminds you that we serve a faithful God who delights in directing our paths and unlocking the door to the impossible, if we but learn not to lean on our own understanding and to trust Him wholly.

Waiting for His Appearing,
Lorna Simcox