lornaLORNA SIMCOX | One thing I loved about being a newspaper reporter was going where the action was. Although I never went anywhere particularly exciting, it didn’t matter. I was involved with history in the making, and that was good enough for me.

When I came to The Friends of Israel, I was certain those days were over. Then in 1991 a telephone call came from the Madrid Peace Conference for our executive director, Elwood McQuaid. It was from someone in the Israeli government who wanted Elwood to provide biblical information from a Christian perspective that could be used at the negotiating table in the world’s attempt to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict through talks in Spain.

Then another telephone call came. This one was from Randall Price. “Please tell someone to go downstairs and get Elwood,” his secretary said. “Randy Price is on the phone from Jerusalem. Something is happening on the Temple Mount.” If memory serves me correctly, Elwood was in the radio room preparing to do one of our broadcasts, which aired daily.

“So who is Randall Price?” I asked. I soon learned he is a real-life version of Indiana Jones. College professor. Renowned archaeologist. Author. But Dr. Price is something extra that the fictional action hero is not—a devout, Bible-believing Christian.

As founder and president of World of the Bible Ministries, Dr. Price brings God’s truth to people around the world through archaeology and history. He is a prolific writer whose works, to name a few, include Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Searching for the Original Bible, The Temple and Bible Prophecy, Jerusalem in Prophecy, and The Stones Cry Out. He has also contributed to many other books, including the New Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, Encyclopedia of Apologetics, and the Dictionary of Premillennial Theology.

His relationship with The Friends of Israel began in 1972. “I heard Elwood speak and started collecting articles from Israel My Glory for my files,” Dr. Price told me. He also spent time in Israel with Elwood, who appears in his video The Coming Last Days Temple.

We are extremely blessed to have Dr. Price contribute to this issue of Israel My Glory. He goes where the action is; and through his writing, so can you. Enjoy!

Waiting for His Appearing,
Lorna Simcox